Custom Solutions

We think outside the retail software package to develop solutions that suit your unique business needs.

Let Us
Help With:

Let Us Help With:

Business Solutions

Tired of trying to make your business fit into a one-size-fits-all software package? Want to stop wasting money on comprehensive subscription services that you only use a fraction of? Summit IT can help. Let’s work together to identify the technology solutions that can help your business thrive – then we’ll develop a solution that includes everything you and nothing you don’t.

Reporting and Accounting Software

Accuracy and clarity are key to running a tight business ship. Cut down on redundant data entry and elevate your efficiency with reporting and accounting software that’s tailored to your company’s size, industry and growth goals.

System Integrations

Does your sales team have real-time access to your inventory? Is there fluid communication between your purchasing, manufacturing and accounting departments? It’s tough to make a business function efficiently when your various teams are siloed by systems that don’t talk to each other. The experts at Summit IT can help with a custom solution that integrates all your systems into a unified, efficient network.

LOB Applications

Smart logistics and inventory management tools are key to success in many industries. Let the Summit IT experts streamline your entire workflow management system, no matter what line of business you’re in. From coordinating hundreds of trucks in the most efficient routes possible to linking your accounting system to products that are bar coded and organized into a secure and searchable database, we can develop a custom solution that makes it easier to manage your entire business.

Inventory and Production Management

Are inventory and delivery mistakes holding your business back? Is production downtime due to inaccurate materials inventory eating into your profit margins? Take control of your inventory and production management systems with solutions tailored to your needs. We can develop MRP systems that allow you to forecast shipping dates, predict raw material orders, monitor shift schedules, validate order fulfillment and more. And these customized solutions will save you money and level up customer loyalty.

Service Industry Solutions

Businesses that provide services are built on relationships. If you’re struggling to coordinate schedules, streamline estimates or create a seamless customer experience, the Summit IT experts can help. We’ll work with you to develop tailored solutions scaled to your business size and specialty.

Custom Solutions We’ve Developed

We go the extra mile to help our clients succeed. Some highlights of Summit IT custom solutions include:

A user-friendly interface for a local manufacturer

to support logistical, scheduling, and accounting needs, enabling effective managing and tracking of the organization’s raw materials, finished products, trucks, and trailers.

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This tailored solution allows for the efficient generation of truck loads and routes using a visual drag-and-drop feature, along with clear visualization of location data through graphical interfaces utilizing GIS/GPS technology. The software also automates the generation of freight bills of lading, invoices, payable tickets, and load statistics.

A comprehensive customer contact tracking solution

for a back office service provider that enables effective documentation of all interactions with each client’s customers for appointment scheduling, billing, collections, and follow-ups.

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The software includes a client portal feature, offering real-time dashboards with visual representations of completed work and the ability to view detailed information and communicate securely with the provider staff. Additionally, an administrative overview section allows for productivity tracking by technicians, client-specific work documentation for billing accuracy, and various scheduling capabilities.

A production management system

for a food manufacturer that features user-friendly visual dashboards to assist management in quickly assessing the performance of each production line.

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The system collects data directly from equipment, logs downtime and reasons, monitors maintenance activities and outcomes, and stores historical and statistical data for ongoing analysis.

A client portal for a financial services firm

that enables the firm’s clients to securely monitor investment performance, upload/download documents, and complete necessary annual forms.

A client portal for a law firm

that enables clients to securely share documents, engage in documented communications, and access details pertaining to invoices.

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