We’ve Got Your Back(up)

Minimize downtime and maximize resilience with Summit IT’s data backup services.

Business Continuity Plans

The best defense is often a strong offense. Summit IT develops proactive Business Continuity Plans that help your team prepare for the worst case scenario: unplanned downtime. To make sure your business can maintain operations as seamlessly as possible through unexpected events, our experts go beyond typical IT management to:

Identify and analyze all potential threats and vulnerabilities in your systems and processes


Build specific, detailed, and effective plans for recognizing and responding to each type of threat


Outline the expectations for all your team members in a crisis, including fallback communication methods and other resources

Managed Backup Services

Your data is only as safe as your last system backup. Keep your team focused on core responsibilities with Summit IT’s Managed Backup Services storing your data securely offsite. No matter what physical or virtual event occurs, you’ll enjoy:

Lower costs than onsite data storage

Scalable solutions that grow with your business

Multilayer security for sensitive data

Proactive monitoring that catches threats quickly

24/7/365 data recovery and restoration

Seamless business resumption after an event

Freedom from internal backup hassles

Peace of mind about your data’s security and your company’s resilience

Disaster Recovery Strategies

We can’t stop unexpected events from happening – but we can help your business get back up and running as quickly as possible afterward. Whether it’s a physical disaster – like floods, fires, hurricanes, and chemical leaks – or a virtual attack from malware, we’ll make sure there’s a Disaster Recovery Plan in place that:


Establishes your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)


Creates a detailed inventory of critical, important, and nonessential assets


Specifies roles and responsibilities for all team members during a disaster


Is clearly defined and seamlessly deployable

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