VOIP Solutions

Summit IT liberates you from the limits of the landline. Your custom Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems offer flexibility, enhanced features (internal communications, video conferencing) and savings – bringing your company’s communication system into the digital age.

VoIP Solutions

Our VoIP Solutions

UCaaS – Simple Connection in the Cloud

Summit IT will create a unified system UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) that unifies your voice, video, messaging, collaboration (meetings) into one cloud-based system.

Improve communication by giving your employees more ways to collaborate, manage workflow and continuously build efficiencies. This also simplifies remote work – keeping teams united even when working apart. Improve security, simplify IT and watch collaboration grow.

Migrate to New Carriers

In many workplaces – voicemail, email, fax, video calls, and live chats all exist – but on different systems. It’s costly, complicated and time-wasting. Migrating them to one carrier isn’t easy – but it’s what Summit IT does best.

Summit IT can discuss your goals and workplace demands to help you determine which provider serves you best. Then Summit IT leads the migration of all these disparate systems into one provider.

Leveraging Texting/SMS Services for Growth

Is texting a part of your business strategy? Summit IT will help you understand how audiences prefer reaching and out – and receiving text messages.

Summit IT will then build the Business SMS platform to improve customer service and employee communications.

Video Conferencing Grows Business and Employee Retention

Lag time and disconnecting video systems do more harm than good. Summit IT creates video conferencing that solves these problems and enhances the work-from-anywhere workplace. Summit IT makes sure the quality is crisp, clear and reliable. Your team chats and client meetings will be easy to manage, record and with consistent high quality – like everyone’s in the same room.

Desktop, Phones, Smartphones Replace Desk Phones

Summit IT preserves what’s great about traditional phone systems, except now they’re cloud based at a lower cost per phone. Voice calls can also be conducted on desktop apps that enable chat, voice and video calls.

Adding to this improved communication, Summit IT can integrate smart phones into these systems, eliminating fleets of cumbersome phones on every desk – but increasing communication to every employee.

Contact Centers Improve Team & Customer Service

How do you empower support and sales teams? Summit IT builds high-quality voice and messaging center capabilities that can be scaled as you grow. Goodbye to the old-school call centers. Summit IT’s best contact center systems integrate voice, email and social media to provide a comprehensive UCaaS platform experience.

Conferencing Call Systems – Professional and Private

Summit IT designs conferencing call systems that are simple to join but built to protect proprietary and private information.

This empowers you to conduct audio and video conferencing meetings, webinars and other gatherings in strictly secure settings.

Softphone Programs – Make Phone Calls from the Cloud

Summit IT’s app development team will create the software program needed for you to make phone calls through your custom VolP system.

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